Andrew Pawley’s “Captain Yeah! and the Children of the Moon” – Book 1 (Jan-Aug 2013)

Click on images for larger print.  Click a second time for largest view.

Chapter 1 cover page Chapter 1 page 1  Captain Yeah 1-2
Captain Yeah 1-3Captain Yeah 1-4

download ch1 page6






ch3p3ch3p4 ch4 ch4p1 ch4p2 ch4p3ch4p4

page18page 19 page 20page21page 22page23page24page25page27page28page29

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  1. This is cool. Lots of colors. I love rainbows and cosmic stuff. My only complaint is the type is a little hard to read in the first frame.


  2. Being an adult sucks sometimes. Reading this I feel the joy I used to feel as a kid drawing stories. Thanks for reminding me how much I love art.


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