Defective “Clouds Taste Metallic” Reissues In Heady Nuggs Box

UPDATE 9/26/11 – Fans have reported receiving “pristine colored replacement” copies of Clouds Taste Metallic in the mail.


UPDATE 9/16/11 – Clouds Taste Metallic has been re-pressed and will be sent out to all those that had a problem.  In an e-mail today customers were alerted: “Thank you for ordering The Flaming Lips, “Heady Nuggs” boxset. We appreciated how patient you have been with resolving the issues that have arose.

Please be advised that we have pressed a very limited run of replacement vinyl of “Clouds Taste Metallic” for the few of you that have reported pressing defects. Since these are pressed in Europe, delivery time has taken longer than anticipated but we are happy to report they will be at our warehouse any day now.”

UPDATE 9/12/11 – Fans have created Heady Nuggs Petition.  Please sign it and send it as directed here.

Original Post:

If you have a defective copy of Clouds Taste Metallic (from the recent Heady Nuggs reissue box) please leave a comment below (or, if you prefer – tweet @FutureHeartDay) noting if it is colored or black.  UPDATE: Also, please comment if your copy of Clouds is not defective!  We’re trying to figure out how many copies have been effected, and what we can do about this.  Spread the word to people you know who may have purchased the box, and follow for updates.


  1. I e-mailed Warner Bros., they said I could get a $10 discount or send it back for a refund basically. I haven’t responded yet.


  2. Just saw this. Same thing, terrible static. I’ve been in touch with Warner Bros, but they’ve been less than helpful. I really don’t want to return the whole set, since the rest of them sound awesome! Thanks.


  3. I have the same issue with my copy of Clouds. And yes, Warner is being a real ass hole about it. At first they told me there was no issue, now they’re asking me to wait while they ‘investigate’. Hoping they don’t give us the shaft.


  4. Just wanted to chime in and say that i’ve patiently auditioned each album in my colored box set. I found that while some of it sounds AMAZING like all of Soft Bulletin, there is certainly a defect in at least parts, if not all, of Clouds and Transmissions. I hear an audible “ftttt fttttt” atop the tape hiss and band playing that is definitely NOT there in my CD… same sound in Transmissions. It’s very audible during quiet transition segments between songs.

    I don’t expect a hand out or for my money back, the whole set it beautiful and I intend to keep it whole. Unless the band wants to send me a completely remastered set, or guaranteed color replacements that sound better, then i’ll just keep what I have. They all sound fine cranked up anyways ;-)


  5. Here’s some tweets I’ve received. Thank you all for responding…


  6. My coloured (strained peach?) “Clouds Taste Metallic” has the pressing defect on both sides – all others in the set (haven’t listened to Yoshimi yet) are fine. DEFINITELY a defect, regardless of what Warners might say. Had the same problem with one or two sides of “Embryonic”.


  7. Side two of my black Transmissions from the Satellite Heart and both sides of my yellow Clouds Taste Metallic.


  8. My Clouds Taste Metallic colored vinyl copy sounds terrible (a low quality mp3 of the album sounds much better). I contacted WB and they offered me a $10 discount. It is my opinion they should repress the lp and send it to everyone who ordered the colored set.


  9. I received the colored set and my clouds taste metallic is indeed defective. I also received a black hit to death.


  10. I take it both Warner Bros and The Flaming Lips have told us to just shove it. That’s a real shame as the set was limited and they have contact information for all that purchased this.

    They need to do a re press and just send them out in white cardboard stock. This is standard practice for specialty labels like Analog Productions or Music Matters Jazz. The difference is they actually give a shit about the customer and music fan where as WB does not. I’m also losing faith in the Lips and Wayne given that they must know about this and seem to be mum on the whole thing.

    I kept my copy but may just ebay it as it pisses me off to look at it

    Real shame to turn core fans off.


  11. Y’know, Wayne has plenty of time to tell us about the guy on ebay who is a “prick” for selling stage props or whatever, but has there been a response in any way about this debacle of a pressing? I haven’t seen one. Disappointing to say the least from a guy and a band we all follow because they did always seem to be about the fans.


  12. Just wanted to say that my side A of Clouds in the colored box set is noisy. Definitely a pressing defect. Everything else sounds good!


  13. Both my Heady Nuggs Clouds record and my brother’s were defective. We ordered the colored vinyl versions. We never reported a problem, though. Are we shit out of luck??


  14. Hey Brian (and anybody else just seeing this now),
    This site is run by and for fans. Which is to say, I really don’t know if it’s too late to report a problem – or how exactly WB is handling it. Sorry.

    All that’s known is that fans that reported problems with Clouds over the last few months will get a re-pressed replacement.

    If I find out more details I’ll pass it along.
    As always, I’ll be posting the latest updates at


  15. Just wanted to say I got a replacement in the mail, colored correctly, and it does sound awesome :-) all of the noise is cleaned up! I might even order something from Because Sound Matters again after this… thanks to everyone involved in this effort!



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